David E. Brady

D A V I D   B R A D Y
Mild-mannered reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper

From April 1993 to September 1996 I was a staff writer with the Los Angeles Times. Below is some of my work.

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Los Angeles Times
CSUN Reflects on Challenges Then and Now

August 26, 1996

CSUN Ceremony Marks Anniversary

Sept. 12, 1996

A Grand Old Party
Republican Faithful Greet Politicos Aboard Convention-Bound Train During Glendale Rally

August 11, 1996

Chatsworth Composer to Score Big Tonight at Opening of Games

July 19, 1996

Fired-Up Torchbearers
Valley Runners Eager to Join Relay Carrying the Olympic Flame

April 26, 1996

A Novel Resource
Largest Library Branch Taps World Wide Web, Long Shelves of Future

March 14, 1996

Volunteers' House Party
Students Use Spring Break to Repair Quake-Damaged Home

March 8, 1996

Physician Passes Torch to Ex-Patient
Dr. Konrad Ulich leaves a pediatrics practice that spanned 40 years and the childhood of his successor

Dec. 28, 1995

Putting the Family First
Barba Clan of 9 Siblings Credits Academic Successes to Strength Drawn From Close Ties

Dec. 12, 1995

Judge Ito Gives CSUN Student a Scoop
The jurist of O.J. Simpson trial fame agrees to his first post-verdict interview — three questions from a budding journalist

Oct. 25, 1995

Rerun Royalty
Dozens of Celebrities Who Weren't Quite Stars Appear at Convention

Sept. 23, 1995

Pet Parade
Animals Audition for a Chance at Stardom on 'Dr. Quinn'

August 30, 1995

Nearly Back in Fashion
Merchants at Northridge Mall Gear Up for Monday Reopening

July 15, 1995

Charity Strikes Out
Glendale Little Leaguers Benched for Playing in Benefit Tourney

July 14, 1995

Banned Little Leaguers to Make Final Pitch for Playoffs
Suit seeks to halt district all-star tournament. Parents want games replayed with the excluded players.

July 19, 1995

Little Leaguers Can Play Ball, Judge Rules

July 20, 1995

Books of the Dead
Unusual Library in Burbank Devoted to the Study of Death

July 2, 1995

Masters of Make-Believe Regale Faithful
Hundreds of devotees meet three pioneers of horror, fantasy and science fiction

May 28, 1995

Chateau Brady
The house where TV's famous family lived out the early '70s still draws fans to Studio City

Sept. 26, 1994

Dick Sargent, 64; 'Bewitched' TV Actor

July 9, 1994

Walter Lantz, Creator of Woody Woodpecker, Dies

March 23, 1994

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Daily News

From March 1998 to June 1999 I worked as a copy editor at the Daily News, a suburban Los Angeles newspaper based in Woodland Hills, Calif.

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